Finnt specializes in providing interim solutions for clients and professionals within Accounting & Controlling.

There are many situations in which an interim solution can be a solution; a large project, a permanent vacancy that is difficult to fill or the sudden loss of a permanent employee. An urgent filling of these positions is required.

Within the Netherlands, Finnt has a very extensive and continuously growing network of finance specialists and managers. We are in close contact with clients and interim professionals on a daily basis. Therefore we are often the first to know which projects start and which interim professionals become available. We often present the best available interim professional to our client within 24 hours of receiving a request.

We consider it a great compliment that most interim professionals complete multiple assignments in a row through Finnt and that clients are happy to return to us.

Recruitment & Selection

Finnt is the main partner in the market for finance teams and finance professionals. We understand better than anyone that finding a suitable candidate or a perfect job is not easy. Thanks to our years of experience within Accounting & Controlling, we have a deeply embedded knowledge of the sector and its opportunities.

We deliberately stay small, because we believe in a direct, personal approach. With our sincere interest in your needs and ambitions, we hope to guide our clients and candidates as best we can throughout the recruitment process.

Executive search

Finnt is highly specialized in the placement of executive and top management positions. Both permanent and interim. In recent years we have built a very large network of CFO's, Finance Directors and Finance Managers.

We understand that the right man or woman in the right place is essential for the continuity and growth of your company. We take these processes very seriously and guarantee confidentiality and transparency during the entire process, taking into account (political) sensitivity.


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